Phoenix Rising

There are some of us who are on a path that has led through much trauma and suffering. If we stay open to the healing and gifts that these hard times offer, we rise like the phoenix, born again. We walk through the fire and come out stronger but more compassionate, wiser but more humble, tougher but more vulnerable. We know the darkness well yet understand how to thrive in the light. We do not judge because we know the despair that can suck a soul into hell and the pain of a heart being torn and battered into dust.
We love like no others. Live and breath by love of every kind.
Our empathy and compassion is our medicine. Our power. Our gift.
Our spirits yearn to wrap the world in our love. To lift the suffering and guide the broken.
We know our purpose deep down. We share our stories to remind others. We hold each other as we hold the world.

❤ you all as we journey this path together.