Off the Beaten Path is a journey into our wildness… an adventure into the depths of the earth…and our selves.

There is a deep need on our planet. We have lost our connection, our intimacy with the natural world.

“As we recover our awareness of the universe as a communion of subjects, a new interior experience awakens within the human. The barriers disappear. An enlargement of soul takes places. The excitement evoked by natural phenomena is renewed. Dawn and sunset are once again transforming experiences, as are the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and fell of the natural world about us – the surging sea, the sound of the wind, the brooding forests. All this could be continued in a never-ending list of experiences that have been lost to large segments of the human community in recent centuries- not because the phenomena do not surround us constantly, but because we have become locked into ourselves, as though large segments of the human mind have been paralyzed.”  – Thomas Berry

Long ago, walls were built around “civilization” to keep the wild out. We didn’t realize that we left part of ourselves behind those walls.  Let us go back. Over the wall. Through the wall. Let us recover what is missing and share it with the world.




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